Brad Davis announces the formation of The Brad Davis Family.

With the retirement of Paul’s Journey coming at the end of the year, Brad along with his wife Gillian and their 4 children have decided to carry on the ministry that was started by Rod Treme over 43 years ago in family fashion. Brad and Gillian have been involved in music most of their lives and have felt for some time that God was leading them to eventually be in full time ministry together as a family. They will be continuing the relationship with many of the places that Paul’s Journey has been over the years singing and preaching, doing concerts, special services, revivals, and camp meetings. Brad is also an ordained minister and Gillian is an accomplished pianist. They are currently working on 2 CDs with Chapel Valley record company which are scheduled for release around the beginning of 2020 when they will begin touring. Be sure to visit them on their website,  Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and subscribe to their emails – and be looking for them in a city near you next year.