Our Ministry

The Brad Davis Family is a family group featuring Brad, Gillian, and their children. They are available for concerts as well as special services and events, revivals and camp meetings.

Brad is also an ordained minister, and Gillian is an accomplished pianist, and they can provide the music, leading worship as well as special music and preaching for revivals and other events, as needed, or just the music for those who may already have an evangelist scheduled.

Our Story

Brad and Gillian have been involved in music ministry throughout their entire relationship (and before). They met in Bible College where they sang together in the choir as well as being part of several groups who traveled across the country singing as representatives of the school.

Since their marriage in 2004 they have served as music directors in several churches, and also assisted in or provided the music for revivals, conferences, and camp meetings. Gillian is not only a great vocalist but is also a talented pianist.

Along the way, Brad began to feel the call of God, not just to the music ministry, but also to preach the Gospel, and began to prepare himself for that calling. Eventually, He felt the Lord leading him to leave a well-paid full time job to be more involved in singing and preaching ministry. He was ordained in 2014, and began traveling with a trio, singing and preaching with them, until joining the full time quartet Paul’s Journey in July of 2015. Since then he has traveled close to 200 dates per year with them and preached a few services when scheduling allowed or sometimes doing a service where the group would sing and he would preach.

During this time Gillian has served as the music director at the First Church of The Nazarene in Lake Charles, Louisiana, playing the piano and leading worship as well working as needed in other areas of the church.

It is the sincere desire of both Brad & Gillian to follow the leading and direction of the Holy Spirit in every area of their lives; over the past several years they have felt that God was preparing them to be in full-time music and evangelism together and with the retirement of Paul's Journey, that door has clearly now been opened to continue the ministry in message and in song that Paul's Journey (then known as the Relations Quartet) began 43 years ago.


Meet the Family



Vocalist, Licensed Minister, Musician

Baritone singer for Paul's Journey.

Also plays bass guitar and drums.



Vocalist, Pianist

Homeschooling Mama


Now for the rest of the family.

Over the years, the Lord has seen fit to bless this home with four beautiful children. Like most kids who are privileged to be born into a minister's home, they've been in the church and exposed to music their whole lives, as well, but on their own have begun to express an interest in becoming involved in this ministry. As their parents, we are grateful to be able to share this opportunity to serve with them.



Eldest Child & Commander in Chief

of Attempting to Make the Boys Behave

Loves reading, cooking and bossing her brothers around; has placed first 2 years in a row in LA District Nazarene Bible Quizzing (missing only 1 OR LESS answers the entire year). Also enjoys drawing and painting, crafting and being involved with drama classes in a local group.

Juliana enjoys singing with her parents, and recently has been learning to sing a part.




CEO (Chief Entertainment Officer) 

The oldest of the 'Little Guys', Joshua loves giraffes, watermelons, pizza and making people laugh.  He is often found batting his eyes and using his dimples and grin to their full advantage, charming old ladies AND their younger counterparts as well.

Can frequently be found with a microphone in hand, dancing and singing songs of his own composition. Plans to be a fireman and sing with Dad when he grows up.





Oldest Boy and Mastermind of Mischief


Jonathan is the energy in the family - if there's something exciting, mildly dangerous, loud & boisterous going on, you'll probably find him right in the middle of it - or, most likely, heading it up.  Loves superheros,  fast vehicles, looking at pictures in books (NOT to be confused with reading), and building things .

He, too, likes to sing, and often asks if it's their turn to sing in church again yet. He currently aspires to be a police officer and drummer for Dad & Mom when he grows up.



Director of Cuteness

The baby of the family, Jacob enjoys ordering his big brothers and sister around,  loving on the cat (much to the cat's dismay), roaring like a lion (or bear...or dinosaur...), discovering all the hidden candy in the house, snuggling with Mom & Dad and just being generally cute.

Can also be found frequently attempting to steal the microphone from his older brother in order to perform his own song and dance routine.